Software for manufacturing

Long tradition, innovative softwares

MCE is the IT division of MCM. For the last 30 years it supported the success of MCM's flexible production systems. MCE, combining production expertise and a systematic approach to research and development, provides a new layer of strategic services to support manufacturing, in modern machining shop floors.

Production targeted information

The strongest and most succesful feature in our offer is the deep know-how on how to integrate technical data (describing production process) and management data relevant for get the work done

Customized factory integration

Our capacity to directly interface machine control systems, together with the knowledge we have of their operating modes, arise from 30 years of continuous development in the industrial automation sector. This experience and our skills in deploying custom solutions, enabled us to build integrated solutions for manufacturing, which seamlessly range from sensors to enterprise Information management system.

Research and innovation

Our solutions are not a mere re-proposition of some old industrial accounting solutions, as most of the so called Manufacturing Execution Systems do. They define, in a new and bold way, abstractions to model machining resources in the most effective way to support their operations.

Flexible and indipendent

We design software services able to exploit the whole potential flexibility of modern production lines. At the same time, developing software able to make critical decisions, improve production's autonomy.

Our Team

This is the team managing and developing MCE software solutions.

Our methodology

Deploying an effective and reliable software. That's how we do it.

Modular project

  • Shared Framework, for core services
  • Separated modules for different services
  • Modular and hierarchical dependencies management
  • Predefined integration points

Continuous integration

  • Versioned repository for source code
  • Automated compiling system
  • Different developers' workspaces integration, several times on daily basis
  • Test and and creation of deployment items automation

State of the art technology

  • UI based on Web 2.0 framework
    (Lift www.liftweb.net)
  • Persistence support with modern documental DB (MongoDB www.mongodb.org)
  • Coded combining OOP and functional programming (Scala www.scala-lang.org)
  • Cross platform application (Windows, Linux, Mac OS-X)

Our work

Some examples of use for our software in different production environments.

Contact us

Feel free to contact us for any further information about MCE.


MCE is located near Piacenza, in proximity of all the main traffic routes. At the same time is in the foothills of Emilia's Appennines surrounding the Po valley.